Assign Permissions to Access Folders and Files

NOTE: You must be the Owner of the content to be able to assign access permissions to other users.

  1. Select the folder or file or right click on it.
  2. Select Permissions from the drop down list.
  3. Type the first few characters of the user's email or the name of the group that needs access.
  4. Select the type of permission (Can Edit or Can View).
  5. If you are providing access to a folder and want to provide access to nested folders and their content, select the checkbox next to Assign to Nested Folders.
  6. To send email notifications to the newly assigned users, select the checkbox Notify Via Email.
  7. To add a custom message, click on Add Message.
  8. To send a copy to yourself, select the checkbox Send a Copy to Me.
  9. Click on Share to provide access to the selected users and groups.
  10. If you are sharing a deeper folder without having provided access to the outer folders, the system will display a message indicating that it will automatically provide Can View permissions to the outer folder to maintain consistency of the folder structure across different users in the organization.


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