Updating documents using Infinote Word Addin and Audit the document

  1. Login to Infinote Finder.
  2. Navigate to required folder in the Infinote Finder.
  3. Open the document, by double-clicking on the document (or right-click on the document and select Open).
  4. Perform search for any text.
  5. Select any paragraph snippet  in Infinote Sidebar and click on "Found in x documents" (x represents the number of documents, the snippet has been found).
  6. Select required documents (or select all documents, if required) and click on Update selected documents button, located at the bottom of the Sidebar.
  7. Change/add text as required, in the New Text textbox under Update Dialog pop-up, and click on Update button.
  8. After pop-up, mentioning Successfully updated all documents, appears click on Ok button.
  9. Navigate to the document location on Infinote Finder and select the document.
  10. Open the History of the document and observe the change log for the latest version.

WATCH THE VIDEO - http://youtu.be/RsTi-XIYGYE

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